5. A Pink

They’re the dark horses in the South Korean pop industry however has slowly risen to fame with their unbeatable tracks! A Pink held their first debut album ‘Mollayo’ on April 21, 2011 after which they’ve simply touched stars. They had the third highest selling album last year and 13th highest selling song with ‘NoNoNo’. Band members, Eunji and Naeun have stepped inside the world of acting which seems to be going really well.

A Pink 是于2011年成立的一队韩国女子流行音乐团体,最初由七名成员组成,现任成员为朴初珑、尹普美、郑恩地、孙娜恩、金南珠及吴夏荣。是Cube娱乐的子公司A Cube娱乐策划的首个女子团体。

4. Girl’s Day

With their initial success throughout 2013, Girl’s Day has been playing their cards really well with their latest release ‘Something‘ already topping the charts. This girl group has been influentially involved in a series of activities right from performing overseas to snagging roles in a TV-Show. It won’t be a surprise if they surpass some of the best bands so far in the industry.

Girl’s Day(朝鲜语:걸스데이)是韩国DreamTea Entertainment于2010年7月9日推出的女子音乐团体,当时成员有素珍、珉娥、智海、智善和智仁共5人,2010年9月由于智善认为Girl’s day特色与自己不符和智仁想专注于演戏因而退出,同年9月Yura和惠利加入团体。2012年10月,智海因为希望专注于学业而退出。先前粉丝名称为“Diamonds”而后改为“Daisy”或“Dai5y”。成员惠利与Tony AN是恋人关系,已于2013年11月8日由双方经理公司证实因聚少离多分手。 [1] [2]。经纪公司Wellmade STAR M在2013年12月2日公布并购DreamTea Entertainment所有股份,Girl’s day现在同棣属于两间经纪公司[3]。

3. Davichi

There’s no surprise that the 3rd spot has been bagged by Davichi because they’ve been continuously progressing in their releases. Having a wonderful foundation, this South Korean pop band is unique consisting of Lee Haeri and Kang Minkyung. They’re known for being the top rated in digital time charts for their album Mystic Ballad however have had previous wins Mnet Asian Awards, Seol Music Awards etc for songs like ‘Time, Please Stop’ and ‘I Hate You, I Love You’.

Davichi是韩国一个R&B风格女子新人团队。由姜敏京、李海丽两名成员组成,所属公司为韩国Mnet Media,之后在09年转入旗下子公司CCM, 成员姜敏京因为在2005年被网络支持者建立Cafe而出名,美丽的外貌吸引不少男生女生喜欢,其个人主页在平均每天都有6000~7000人的访问量,出道前在网路上已经累积了不少支持者。两人于2012年10月合同到期,宣布不再续约,但因新公司要求签5年长约而又重回CCM公司旗下。


Probably the only band that can rival our number 1 rated champions, SISTAR is a band of four girls who are full of enigma and beauty. They’re certainly superstars in the Korean pop industry for their versatile flair and stylish concepts. Their digital sales are massively expanding apart from the fact their physical sales in the market have achieved a high success rate as well. Outside the group, Dasom is pursuing acting while Hyorin’s already achieved six incredible solo hits! What more can you expect from these rising stars?

SISTAR,韩文名称씨스타,意思是要做演艺圈的姐妹大明星,是韩国的四人女子组合,所属社为韩国STARSHIP entertainment。成员包括宝拉、孝琳、昭宥、多顺。于2010年6月3日,推出首张单曲专辑《Push Push》,第二天在KBS“音乐银行”中首次亮相,并正式出道。Sistar的四名成员都拥有很强的唱功和舞蹈实力,现场实力不可小觑。

1. Girl Generation

If you’re talking about success that dominates the Korean pop industry, Girl Generation is like a fire blazing throughout! Winning over more than millions of fans, SNSD are digital monsters hitting out singles that just don’t drop out from the Billboards. They’ve surpassed boy bands and acquired heaps of endorsements because of their wonderful positive image in the market. The divine nine are simply a powerful chord of musicians who’ve won several awards especially after the release of ‘Gee’ in 2009. It isn’t a surprise that the band has claimed the number one spot on this list of the top 10 most popular Korean kpop girl group in 2014.

少女时代(Girls’ Generation)是韩国SM娱乐有限公司于2007年推出的女子流行演唱组合,由金泰妍、郑秀妍、李顺圭、黄美英、金孝渊、权侑莉、崔秀英、林允儿、徐珠贤9名成员组成。[1]
2007年8月,少女时代推出单曲《重逢的世界》出道,并于11月1日发行第一张专辑[2]。2009年,少女时代推出《Gee》[3]。2010年9月,发行日本首支单曲《GENIE》。2011年,少女时代发行首张日文专辑《Girls’ Generation》。2012年,少女时代发行专辑《Oh!》。2012年,少女时代发行第三张专辑《The Boys》[4];日文一辑《Girls’ Generation》于同年6月获得日本唱片工业协会百万专辑认证。少女时代在年度青春励志人物榜单被提名为2012年度青春励志人物候选人[5]。2013年1月1日,少女时代的正规四辑《I got a boy》发售

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