Taking a rest from the vibrant top girl groups which devoured each other in the charts recently, Kpop will be laid-back and refreshing in September with some ballad, light pop and soft rap comebacks and debuts.
9 Exciting Kpop Debuts and Comebacks in September (Photo : Facebook/all kpop)

1.       “I’m Fine Thank You” by Ladies’ Code (Sept. 2) (Comeback)

A year after Ladies Code members suffered from a fatal car crash, the Polaris Entertainment is dropping two tracks in memory of the late EunB and RiSe.

On Sept. 2, the soft ballad “I’m Fine Thank You” was released. Various artists participated in making the song which features behind-the-scenes clips of LC.

On Sept. 7, remaining LC members Ashley, Zuny and Sojung will release “Smile Even If It Hurts.”

2.       “Hood” by Tablo (Sept. 5) (Comeback)

The Epik High leader and vocalist will come back as a soloist on Sept. 5. He will be collaborating with Joey Bada$.

In the video teaser, “Hood” appears to be a soft rap track.

3.       “Rush”  by Monsta X (Sept. 7) (Comeback)

The male hip-hop group debuted in May and has already performed overseas at KCON LA 2015. It will release the upbeat and intense “Rush” on Sept. 7.

The black, white and red teaser video features the members skating and carrying baseball equipment.

The group went to Los Angeles to shoot its album jacket and concept photos, AllKpopreported.

4.         Chancellor (Sept. 8) (Debut)

Mikey from top producing team Duble Sidekick will take a break from working on another artist’s album. He will release a single album on Sept. 8 under the name Chancellor and will begin his full-scale promotions as an artist.

Chancellor recently impressed the public with his appearance on “Mask King.” After the show, fans have been raving for him to debut as a solo artist.

5.        “The Red” by Red Velvet (Sept. 9) (Comeback)

On Sept. 3, the Red Velvet official Facebook page posted an image of a red square captioned with #THERED.

Hours after, it was revealed that RV’s title track will be “Dumb Dumb.” The song will be uptempo pop dance track with a groovy beat and addictive hook.

The teaser video shows the girls being manufactured in a doll factory.

6.         UP10TION (Sept. 11) (Debut)

A new stylish and fashionable four-member boy band called UP10TION will debut on Sept. 11.

It released teaser images on Sept. 4.

7.       “2gther” by CNBlue (Sept. 14) (Comeback)

The charming gentlemen of the four-member band from FNC Entertainment will make a return in Korea one year and seven months since the mini album “Can’t Stop.”

2gether will be a full-length studio album. The disco-rock title track will be composed by band member Jung Yong Hwa.

So far, the group has released the video teaser for “Cinderella” on its official Facebook page. Members are laid-back and charismatic in their bedroom outfits for the music video.

8.       Psy (TBA, late September) (Comeback)

Psy will be greeting his Korean fans with new music in September. In his upcoming track, the singer plans to focus on his cool and unique style rather than worry about reaching the level of “Gangnam Style.”

While reports are circulating online that “Gangnam Style” composer Yoo Gun Hyung will write Psy’s title song, YG Entertainment clarified on Aug. 24 that nothing has been made final yet.

9.       “Lovelyz8” by Lovelyz (TBA) (Comeback)

The new and rising girl group from Woollim Entertainment will come back with eight members.

Seo Jisoo, who was supposed to debut with Lovelyz but became a victim of online bullying, will finally join the group. The member was able to prove that the allegations against her were untrue.

Lovelyz8 is releasing teaser images with eight members holding each other and looking at the skies. More teasers are being revealed on the group’s website lvlz8.

Source: HNGN