Hi everyone!

I hope its been a great week or has it not been so much of a great week? Could it be that you’ve been down on luck or is the ‘Mercury Retrograde’ to blame?

For some of you, you may totally be aware of what I’m talking about and for others, you probably think I am talking gibberish.

Astrology is what I will be sharing about today!

So what exactly is astrology?

Astrology is known to be a kind of divination using the relationship between the astronomical premise and the human world.

For us, in Asia, the more common form of astrology would come under the Chinese Zodiac Signs which are basically the 12 Animal zodiac signs as seen below. zodiac

For others, like myself, we may be more familiar with western astrology. When I say western astrology, I refer to horoscopes in accordance with the date of one’s birth.

“So, why astrology?”, one may ask.

Personally, I have always had the interest in it since I was a child. Observing people, noticing their somewhat similar traits and characteristics and matching them up to their horoscopes was and is till date a favourite past-time of mine.

Previously, while I was interested in horoscopes and horoscope readings, it was not exactly all that easy to find and have access to information. That access has now changed, with the boon of technology, of course. Now, horoscope readings can be found all over the web. However, when it boils down to accuracy and how trustworthy the source is, I tend to have two favourites which I will list down below.

1. Xstrology

I came across Xstrology while on Twitter a couple of years back and I have been following its tweets closely, always retweeting and favouriting at least a handful of tweets per day. I find the tweets really relevant and accurate to my horoscope nature.Also, its the most followed astrology on Twitter, so two thumbs up for credibility!

So how do you go about reading up on horoscopes from Xstrology?

– Follow them on Twitter @Xstrology 2014-07-18_17-30-19 2014-07-18_17-31-05

– Follow their updates on their Facebook site  www.facebook.com/XstrologyScopes

– Read up on their website www.xstrology.org

2. Yahoo Horoscope (provided by astrology.com) Untitled You can either just yahoo (or Google) for Yahoo horoscope, click on your horoscope sign and start reading up or alternatively go straight to astrology.com to get your horoscope fix.

So yes, these are my two favourite sites to read up on my horoscope for the day.

Feeling cranky? Maybe its just the mercury retrograde making things go messy for you. Need to slow down and get some advice? Why not heed some astrological advice.

But always remember to take all these readings with a pinch of salt. These readings are GENERAL and not to be abided by strictly.

So why not cultivate an interest in astrology, horoscopes and zodiac signs?

DISCLAIMER: This is not a paid advertisement or sponsored post.

Have fun everyone.

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