Author: Veronica Tan

Yummy Korean Food in Cold Weather

여러분, 오랜만이다!!! (여러분 = Everyone, 오랜만이다= Long Time No See! (or It’s been a long time)) To be honest, it’s really been a long while since I made my last appearance. While rushing through my assignments and work-related matters, I have been craving for some yummy Korean foods these days. As the weather is getting colder, shall we take a look at what’s best to have during this season to keep ourselves warm? Kimchi This is one of the traditional winter foods that is often presented as a side dish in Korean cuisine. Kimchi comes in varieties with baechu...

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Trick Eye Museum

Trick Eye Museum Museum – what was the first word in your mind when you see this word? Is it “Boring”? Is it something associated with learning new things? To be honest, I always thought museum was a boring place that talks about history, heritage, masterpieces by famous artist that I never know how to appreciate…but Trick Eye Museum has tricked me into the world of an eye-opener. It is an art gallery with about 100 pieces of two-dimensional paintings that creates three-dimensional effects. Seriously, I was actually quite surprised by the effects of the paintings. Trick Eye Museum...

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아야야 (Ayaya), Super Junior

On 1 September, Super Junior will be officially releasing their seventh studio album, MAMACITA tomorrow. More than two years since their previous album release, these “sexy, free and single” guys are now back to wow fans and K-pop lovers as a real 남자 (translated as men in English). Super Junior leader, Lee Teuk, was asked to share his thoughts about being back in action a month after his discharge from the compulsory military service. He said, “I was seriously worried whether or not I could actually do it, make my return, jump back into action.” He also shared that...

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BTS back with a “DARK & WILD” look

BTS have just came back from America after attending KCON recently. Now, BTS will be coming back to this big entertainment circle with their 1st full-length album, Dark & Wild, after their third mini album, Skool Luv Affair, was released just 6 months ago in February and the special edition releasing only 3 months ago in May. A.R.M.Y, let me know if you guys are getting ready for their comeback.        On 11 August, Big Hit Entertainment has pre-released one of the tracks in the new album, “Let Me Know”, to let A.R.M.Y and K-pop fans have a...

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Super Junior M Henry is back again

Girls, are you still being stuck in the love TRAP? Are you still sending him 1-4-3 message every day? Another dude, Super Junior M, Henry has made a solo comeback this month with his second mini-album, Fantastic, which has released on 14 July. His previous solo album, Trap, has garnered a lot of attention when released on June 2013. This proves that Henry was commercially viable as a solo artiste with his talent. The commercial success of “Trap” has led to several versions – Chinese, Taiwanese and English, to appeal to the global market. On 9 July, SM Entertainment has released...

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