Author: Jake Rojas

The Great Korean “Fixed Door” Mystery Unraveled Investigative Report

As you walk up to any building or place that has double doors you will feel at ease as you see another person approaching at the same time. Why the easy feeling? It’s because you know you will not have to do the “one door tango”, trying to choose who will be the nice guy that lets the other go first and who will be the greedy jerk that accepts the others kindness. Truth be told, we just want to pass through the freakin door! In Korea there are so many things that are above and beyond convenient. In...

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Winter time Frosty Feet got you down

Winter time Frosty Feet got you down? Not in Korea! Ever wake up on a freezing winter morning, sleepily start to slip out of your warm bed only to have your feet suddenly come into contact with what feels like the pole that Flick from the Christmas Story had His tongue stuck to? Yeah, not so sleepy anymore are you. It’s happened to all of us as we scramble to put our feet into those havens of warmth called house slippers. Normally, warming a home is carried out by a furnace creating heat then that heat being blown by fans...

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