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Cherry Blossom Festival

HWAGAE CHERRY BLOSSOM FESTIVAL (South Gyeongsang Province): April 1 & 2; cherry blossoms in Hwagae region; free. SEOKCHON LAKE CHERRY BLOSSOM FESTIVAL (Seoul): April 1-9; enjoy night walk along Seokchon Lake, performances, exhibitions and more; Jamsil Station (Seoul Subway Line 2 or 8); +82-2-1330. JINHAE GUNHANGJE FESTIVAL: April 1-10; cherry blossom trees, along with attractions; South Gyeongsang province; take an intercity bus from Seoul Bus Terminal to Jinhae; +82-2-1330. HWAGAE CHERRY BLOSSOM FESTIVAL: Early April; Gyeongsangnam-do Hadong-gun Hwagae-myeon Unsu-ri; +82-2-1330. YEONGAM WANGIN CULTURE FESTIVAL (South Jeolla province): April 6-9; held when blossoms are in full bloom, commemorating the achievement...

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This guy had 400 one night stands in Thailand

Date App Game This guy had 400 one night stands in Thailand. “Wam bam, thank you Khrap,” says Gert Jan Wallet. Self proclaimed booty pro that has been a predatorious in the dating app scene has shared with us on how it’s done. Having a record of over 400 one night stands of pure sexual engagement on the first night in the three years in Thailand; he has been playing this game as a full time hobby. Gert moved to Thailand from the Netherlands once he realize his tactics worked well for him. “It’s a numbers game. I just...

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BLΛƆK PIИK -[UPDATE] Filming MV during Chuseok; Comeback in OCT with 2 or More Songs

BLΛƆK PIИK -[UPDATE] Filming MV during Chuseok; Comeback in OCT with 2 or More Songs BLACKPINK DIGITAL DEBUT SINGLE ALBUM: Melon: Bugs: Olleh: Genie: BLACK PINK DEBUT ON ALL CHARTS WHISTLE MelOn: #11 MNET: #1 Bugs: #1 Olleh: #1 Soribada: #17 Genie: #1 Naver: #6 Monkey 3: #8 BOOMBAYAH Melon: #15 MNET: #2 Bugs: #3 Olleh: #3 Sorbada: #11 Genie: #2 Naver: #11 Monkey 3: #11 V CHANNEL MV UPLOADS: BOOMBAYAH—붐바야BOOMBAYAH-MV WHISTLE—휘파람WHISTLE-MV [BLACKPINK- DEBUT SHOWCASE COUNTER] BLACKPINK – DEBUT SINGLE ‘휘파람’ BLACKPINK IN YOUR AREA D-2 BLACKPINK IN YOUR AREA D-2 “JISOO” BLACKPINK...

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Korean ajumma is becoming the new style influencer

 Ajumma: noun, \’a joom ma\ A middle-aged Korean woman, typically identifiable by a mop of tightly curled short hair; loose, mismatched clothing; and a no-nonsense, out-of-my-way attitude.  For some time now, the stereotypical Korean ajumma has long been thought of as the antithesis of style — something, as a young Korean woman, you never wanted to become. In Korea, you see them hawking their wares from food carts or squatting on the side of the road, picking weeds. In Los Angeles, I’m being jostled left and right by all manner of ajumma in the produce section of the Korean market. Travel almost anywhere in the world...

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The Top 51 Cities to See in Your Lifetime

Here are the 51 cities you must see during your lifetime. My opinion, Korea should be at the top so I put it as VIP City.   VIP) Seoul, Korea – Not too many cities in the world have royal palaces that are hundreds of years old sitting next to huge modern urban skyscrapers, but Seoul has an interesting balance with it’s ancient history and ultra modern development. The unique and beautiful contrast between old and new in Seoul is another reason you should find yourself in Seoul sooner than later. 1.) Venice, Italy – How could we not include Venice? From its picturesque...

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