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7 super spicy Korean dishes

7. Buldak (Fire chicken) Spice rating: 1/5 This savory barbecued chicken dish covered in chili-loaded sauce became immensely popular a few years ago when the Korean economy was going through a rough patch. (See what we mean about Koreans and spice therapy?) Buldak sparked off a trend for extraordinarily hot dishes in Korea and it remains popular at many bars — accompanied by a cold beer, of course. The buldak-beer combo is known as chimaek. If you want to tone down the heat, order buldak surrounded by a ring of mozzarella cheese to melt away the misery. Social heat: You can...

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Fast city in the soul of Asia

“Pali pali” – meaning “quick, quick” – isn’t just a favourite expression in Seoul: it’s a way of life. South Korea’s capital moves at a pace that rivals the world’s busiest cities, fostering a culture of hard work, service and “just getting stuff done”, residents say. It is the most high-energy, intense city I have ever lived in “It is the most high-energy, intense city I have ever lived in. I’ve lived in New York City and Tokyo, but Seoul beats them hands down,” said Ruchika Sahai, who moved here from Sydney, Australia, nearly two years ago. Office hours stretch well...

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Lesbian student leaders election shocks South Korea

The election of a lesbian as president of the student body at Korea’s super-elite Seoul National University has made front page news, exposing the generation gap between Korea’s increasingly liberal younger generation and older people still imbued in the nation’s conservative traditions. On the campus of Seoul National University, the apex of a tightly ranked status system among Korean institutions of higher learning, students are taking the election of 23-year-old Kim Bo-mi as their leader as a matter of routine. “I don’t care whether she’s a lesbian or not,” said Park Han-jin, a senior eyeing a career with one of the chaebol or conglomerates that dominate the Korean economy. He added: “These days many of my friends don’t care about gender.” Still, Mr Park said it was “rather surprising” so many students voted for Kim, but in fact there were no other candidates for the highest post in student leadership at the university. With barely more than half the students casting ballots, Miss Kim won 86.8 per cent of the votes with about 11.2 per cent casting negative ballots even though there was no other candidate. The rest abstained. But while the students think Ms Kim’s gender and sexuality are insignificant to her role, the country’s media have been just as absorbed by her campaign as in reports of possible North-South Korea talks this week. We are not standing...

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9 Exciting Debuts and Comebacks Coming In September

Taking a rest from the vibrant top girl groups which devoured each other in the charts recently, Kpop will be laid-back and refreshing in September with some ballad, light pop and soft rap comebacks and debuts. 9 Exciting Kpop Debuts and Comebacks in September (Photo : Facebook/all kpop) 1.       “I’m Fine Thank You” by Ladies’ Code (Sept. 2) (Comeback) A year after Ladies Code members suffered from a fatal car crash, the Polaris Entertainment is dropping two tracks in memory of the late EunB and RiSe. On Sept. 2, the soft ballad “I’m Fine Thank You” was released. Various...

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Best Hotels in Seoul

  The Shilla The Presidential Suite at The Shilla. The Shilla’s picturesque perch atop a lofty hill, as well as the hotel’s ornate traditional Korean roofs and sweeping driveway (not to mention convenient parking) are unusual for Korean luxury hotels, especially considering its prime location in downtown Seoul. Shilla’s personality shines throughout all nine hectares of parkland and its 465 rooms, and was appreciated by guests Bill Gates and President George Bush, as well as Michael Jackson and Tom Cruise. Celebrity weddings and the society weddings of the season are often held here, so don’t be too surprised if...

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