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Want to join IU and Sistar as a K-pop star with LOEN-Starship Entertainment?

2015 Global Audition to be held on March 28 at Los Angeles Theatre Center How would you like to join IU and Sistar as a K-pop star with LOEN-Starship Entertainment? You’ll have a shot at stardom on March 28 for the companies’ 2015 Global Audition, to be held 3 p.m. to 6 p.m. at Los Angeles Theatre Center and sponsored by the Korea Times. Judges are looking for both Korean Americans and non-Koreans aged 12 to 25 with talent in singing, dancing and rapping. Audition categories are singer, rapper, dancer, actor and songwriter/lyricist. Singer auditions require hopefuls to sing...

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K-Pop Roundup: February 2015 K-Pop Chromophobia Continues

As K-pop continues to regain its even footing after its turbulent 2014, artists this month have taken to somber music and black and white videos. January set the tone for a darker, more serious year in K-pop. Songs and videos that are more introspective and conscious of the issues within the industry are becoming more commonplace. To a certain extent, February has kept up with this theme. Though there are some exceptional splashes of color and fun, many artists returned with somber tracks set to black and white videos to emphasize that this is Serious Music. Possible pretensions aside,...

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Happy birthday to Song triplets Daehan, Minguk, Mansae

  The triplets: Dae Han, Min Guk and Man Se, are triplet sons of actor Song Il Gook and his wife, Jung Seung Yeon. Their name means “Long Live the Republic of Korea” when said together. They were born on March 16, 2012 and are currently starring in the variety show Superman is Back.                                       Happy birthday to the cutest triplets in the...

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Police and crime in Korea

Police and crime in Korea Many foreigners that visit South Korea after a while will notice or from the lack thereof rather that there are no police here. With that in mind some questions come to mind mainly, “if there are no police don’t you feel Unsafe?” The answer is a resounding “No”. Korea is statistically of one of the safest places on earth you can live. This may be most surprising since they are technically still at war with missiles getting fired off from North Korea into the ocean every time Obama sneezes and Blue house in Seoul...

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