Author: Kristy 크리스티

Basic Grammar 01 : -습니다/ㅂ니다/습니까?/ㅂ니까?

Korean Lesson “습니다/ㅂ니다” is use after a verb/adjective, to end the sentence with a much formal expression. Likewise, to end a question formally, “습니까?/ㅂ니까?” is used. To choose “습니다/습니까” or “ㅂ니다/ㅂ니까” will depends on whether the last word has a final consonant or not. “웃다 ” has a final consonant, so we’ll use “습니다/습니까”. 웃다 + 습니다/습니까 = 웃습니다 / 웃습니까? “자다” does not have final consonant, hence, “ㅂ니다/ㅂ니까” is used. 자다 + ㅂ니다/ㅂ니까 = 잡니다 / 집니까? Examples: 아이가 웃습니다 / 아이가 웃습니까?   The kid laughed / Did the kid laugh? 동생이 잡니다 / 동생이 집니까?   Brother has fell asleep / Has brother fell...

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Korean Culture – Gift Giving

  Gift giving culture in Korea has some etiquette that you need to know:   1) Two hands When giving and receiving gifts, you should use two hands, especially to seniors and those whom you do not know well.   2) Do not open You should not open a gift in front of the giver, to avoid embarrassment of the giver by the reaction of the receiver. It is consider rude, unless the recipient was allowed to do so. If you are giving a gift, be sure to wrap your gift, and you may consider leaving it somewhere for the...

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Fun in learning KOREAN – Learning resources

Believe many of you are also learning Korean from various online sources and smartphone applications. This is definitely not an easy way, however, it’s the best way to learn especially when you do not have time for a regular class. I’ve been learning occasionally during my free time for past few years and my speed of improvement can barely be measured. Luckily I have some nice Korean friends to correct me when I made mistakes, but still, it’s hard for a native Korean to explain the language to a basic learner, like me. Similarly to many languages, Korean is...

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Poem – 빗소리 (Sound of the rain)

《빗소리》 – 주요한 “Sound of the rain” – Ju Yo-han 비가 옵니다 밤은 고요히 깃을 벌리고 비는 뜰 위에 속삭입니다 몰래 지껄이는 병아리같이 Rain is falling, The night quietly spreads its wings. Rain whisper in the garden like chicks chirping secretly. 이즈러진 달이 실낱같고 별에서도 봄이 흐를 듯이 따뜻한 바람이 불더니 오늘은 이 어둔 밤을 비가 옵니다 The waning moon was thread-thin, Like spring flowing from the stars, the warm breeze blew. Today, rain falls on this dark night. 비가 옵니다 다정한 손님같이 비가 옵니다 창을 열고 맞으려 하여도 보이지 않게 속삭이며 비가 옵니다 Rain is falling. The rain...

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Fun in learning KOREAN – 7 Days of a week

Hi everyone! 안녕하세요 여러분! It’s Friday today, in Korean, it’s 금요일 (geum-yo-il). If you still do not know or unable to remember the days of week in Korean, I’m glad to share with you my method to remember them in this post. Let’s start learning together! First, we’ll have to know the meaning of these seven words: 1) 월 (wol) = moon 月 2) 화 (hwa) = fire 火 3) 수 (su) = water 水 4) 목 (mok) = wood 木 5) 금 (geum) = gold / metal 金 6) 토 (to) = earth / soil 土 7) 일...

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