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Shopping and What to Buy in Seoul, Korea ?

Shopping in Korea Sometimes we come to visit Korea for many reasons. For travelling, shopping, meet the idols for Kpop fans or studying even for working. There are some points for those who are coming to Korea for shopping about some items you should buy in Korea especially Seoul ^^ Traditional crafts. Traditional dolls, wooden or paper masks, folding fans, ceramics, decorative madeups, mother-of-pearl lacquer products. Even you can buy Hanji (Korean paper made from mulberry tree) or Hanbok (Korean traditional clothes). Photo Credit : Where to find it ? Insadong 130-4, Insa-dong, Jongno-gu, Seoul-si 서울 종로구 인사동 130-4일대...

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Chuseok, Korean Thanksgiving

Chuseok, Korean Thanksgiving Photo credit : Photo credit : 추석 Chuseok originally known as Hangawi 한가위 is celebrate in the 15th day of the 8th month of the lunar calendar. This event is one of the most widely celebrated holidays and a major harvest festival on Korea. Chuseok is celebrated within 3 days, starting from 11th to13th of September 2011. In this harvest day people in Korea visit their hometowns, pay respects to their ancestors with newly harvested food and gathered together with their families. People eat Songpyeon 송편 (traditional rice cakes) with their families and play...

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How to say “Happy Birthday to You” in Korean ^^

Hello everyone, Do you know how to say “Happy Birthday” in Korean ? or do you know how to sing “Happy Birthday” in Korean ? pict source : You may watch this video and say : 생일축하합니다!^^ pict source : Lyrics in romanization : saeng-il chu-ka ham-ni-da saeng-il chu-ka ham-ni-da ji-gu-e-seo u-ju-e-seo je-il sa-rang-ham-ni-da kkot-ppo-da deo gop-kke byeol-bo-da deo bal-kke sa-ja-bo-da yong-gam-ha-ge hae-pi-beo-seu-de-i tu-yu (happy birthday to you) happy birthday to you saeng-il chu-ka ham-ni-da saeng-il chu-ka ham-ni-da kkot-tta-un nae-chin-gu-ya gul-go-git-kke sa-ra-yo saeng-il chu-ka ham-ni-da saeng-il chu-ka ham-ni-da ji-gu-e-seo u-ju-e-seo je-il sa-rang-ham-ni-da kkot-ppo-da deo gop-kke byeol-bo-da deo...

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Five Masterpieces at The National Museum of Korea

What is the national treasures of Korea ? The national treasures of Korea is a list of tangible treasures, artifacts, historical dan cultural sites and buildings which are recoqnized by the goverments have historical value. Some of them are displayed in the National Museum of Korea which is the largest museum in Korea which has around 12,ooo relics from Korea itself and Asia. Here is the top five masterpieces of the National Museum of Korea : Gilt-bronze maitreya in meditation, Three Kingdom Period, Early 7th century. National treasure no. 83.   Gyeongcheonsa Pagoda from Gyeongcheonsa Temple, a 10-story stone pagoda...

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Petite France, European Style in Korea

Petit France is like a rural village located at the bottom of the Alps. As it became known to public when it was featured in the famous drama ‘Beethoven Virus’, people began to line up to look around the village. The office of Maestro Gang and the orchestra’s practice room were located in the village. The office of Gang Mae is preserved as it appeared in the drama so that visitors can relive the drama. Petit France is also a filming location for Secret Garden, Korean Drama. Photo taken from : Petit France, meaning ‘small France’, reminds visitors...

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