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Anyang Art Park

The Anyang Art Park 안양예술공원, located near Anyang station. Photo credit : Hermann Maier Neustadt, Germany, aziz-m on flickr. Built around a swimming pool that uses clean water sourced from the valleys of Gwanaksan and Samseongsan Mountains. The Park is fully equipped with a variety of recreational facilities such as an artificial waterfall; open-air stage; exhibition hall; square; walking path; and a lighting facility. With limpid waters flowing through the nearby valley and lush forested surroundings, the park is an easily accessible resting place near the Seoul metro area. Photo credit : Directions : Take subway line 1...

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The Gorgeous Crowns from Silla Kingdom

Silla was one of the Tree Kingdoms of Korea, and began as Saro-guk located in Gyeongju. Gyeongju is a coastal city in the far southeastern corner of North Gyeongsang province in South Korea. It is 370 km southeast of Seoul, and 55 km east of the provincial capital, Daegu. Picture credit : From the 6th century, when Silla proclaimed a detailed system of law, its politics and social status were founded on Buddhism, and the systematic succession of an ancient kingdom was achieved. In addition, Silla accomplished the unification of three kingdoms by strengthening its national power based...

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King Sejong The Great

Today May 15th is King Sejong The Great’s birthday. King Sejong the great was the third son of King Taejong and queen Wonkyong. He was the fourth king in Jeoseon Dynasty. He invented Hangul, the Korean alphabet during his reigned in year 1418 – 1450. He also improved the Korean agriculture system and another useful tools such as water clock named Chogyonguu, Korean sundial named Angbuilgwi and a rain gauge named Cheugugi. King Sejong The Great were also expert in music, art and dance. He set up the Guanseupdogam the place where teached Korean music and Chinese music....

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Misutgaru the Healthy Korean Summer Drink

Photo credit : Spring will ended soon and here comes summer. There is a summer special drink in Korea named misutgaru. It is made by steaming then roasting grains like beans, barley, glutinous rice, non glutinous rice or barley rice. to make powder that is then drink with added sugar or honey. Misutgaru is also known as a healthy drink for those who want to maintain the body weight because it is very good for diet. So are you ready for the summer with misutgaru ? ^^        ...

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