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Korean World Cup Dance

Yesterday when I studied Korean, I read something interesting in my text book. It’s about 꼭짓점 댄스 or it is called kkokjijeom dance. Photo credit : Picture credit : Kkokjijeom dance is a special dance which created to cheering the Korean national soccer team during the 2002 world cup which Korea was one of the host for this big event. It is fun to do in a group because it’s easy to learn and everyone can share the feeling of unity and sense of belongings while dancing together.  You can try it with your friends ^^ Video...

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Three Islands in Chuncheon Area

Chuncheon is the city located in Gangwon province South Korea. It is in the northeast part of South Korea and also as a capital city of Gangwon. Gangwon is also known as a name of Arirang song. Arirang is a Korean traditional song which has various types depending on the region and Gangwon has one of that. Photo credit : wikipedia Let’s go back to Chuncheon ^^ Chuncheon also has a great view and places to visit. Remembering of the famous Korean drama, Winter Sonata which is filmed in one of the islands in Chuncheon area. Yes Nami island....

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The Story of Han Seok Bong

This story has good moral value for everybody, if you know the famous Korean calligrapher, 한석봉 Han Seok Bong who lived in Joseon Dynasty there was a story happened years ago before he became a master of calligrapher and the primary transcriber. When he was young and still learning how to do traditional calligraphy he got so good that one day he thought he had nothing left to learn. Later he was visiting his mother in his hometown and his mother came up with an idea for making modest again.   His mother proposed Han Seok Bong a little...

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Jukbuin, The Bamboo Wife

This is one of unique part of traditional Korean handicraft, its name is jukbuin or we can call “the bamboo wife”, looks interesting and also creative crafts. When the summer comes and the weather becomes humid and increasing the temperature, this stuff is more comfortable to use especially for taking a nap. Jukbuin was used by the Korean noble man at the past time, it made from thinly cutting bamboo and strands into the shape of the a large pillow. A man would hug one to sleep with his arms and legs wrapped around it. It is empty inside...

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Event : The 1st Gangdong Dance Festival for Spring

300 dancers will be participated in this festival, they will perform various genre of dance including Korean traditional dance, fusion dance, ballet, and many more. If you like dancing and want to know about dance, this festival is worth to be seen and held on April 12th ~ May 5th 2012 in Gandgdong Arts Center, Seoul. 강동 아트센터 (Gangdong Arts Center) Directions : Godeok Station, Seoul Subway line 5, Exit #4 ~ emart intersection, turn right ~ walk straight and cross the trafic light ~ walk 100 meters. Pictures credit :...

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