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Sun,Stars, Moon, Astrology maybe?

Hi everyone! I hope its been a great week or has it not been so much of a great week? Could it be that you’ve been down on luck or is the ‘Mercury Retrograde’ to blame? For some of you, you may totally be aware of what I’m talking about and for others, you probably think I am talking gibberish. Astrology is what I will be sharing about today! So what exactly is astrology? Astrology is known to be a kind of divination using the relationship between the astronomical premise and the human world. For us, in Asia, the...

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It’s all about nails!

Hi everyone, especially all you ladies! Nails are one of the essentials that a lady ought to keep prim and proper. What can be more fun than applying a new nail polish colour while taking care of your nails? Manicure’s the word! Summer’s out and there can be no better time to flaunt your pretty nails and the pretty colours on them. A form of beauty therapy for the ladies and don’t men love looking at beautiful nails too? There are many nail salons for one to visit while in Seoul and one can never make up their mind...

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World Cup Fever

The World Cup fever has kick started with great matches! Wednesday’s a big day for Korea. “Why?” you may ask…   Russia versus South Korea World cup match on Wednesday, 18 June 2014, 7 am (Korea Time)!   photo source: Who still remembers the 2002 World Cup semi-finals with the South Korean team wow-ing the world with their soccer skills? Hong Myung-Bo, the star player from the 2002 South Korean “soccer Dream Team” is now the coach for this year’s World Cup South Korean team. This makes it all the more exciting, doesn’t it? I simply cannot wait to...

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Cafe Hopping!

Cafe hopping may just be the recent favourite past time of many in Korea! From students to office go-ers, everyone seems to enjoy cafes! Personally speaking, it is one of the things I enjoy doing most. From chilling out at my favourite cafes to exploring new cafes, I love it all! One huge reason as to why I love cafe hopping is because each cafe is unique and has something different to offer from the other. Some cafes specialise in coffee while others specialise in desserts. No one cafe is similar to the other and this is honestly the...

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Let’s get on some Ramyeon

Whether you’re hungry in the middle of the night or if you simply have a craving for some noodles and soup, the first thing that would probably come to mind is some RAMYEON (라면) ! 라면 (Korean style instant noodles), One of the simplest things and yet most comforting of dishes. I love the many different varieties 라면 comes in. Kimchi-flavoured, bean-paste, anchovies, super spicy kimchi are a few to name. On top of this, I like how versatile 라면 is because no matter what I add to my 라면, it just tastes oh so good! I would usually like to add cheese,...

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