Author: Jenny Chang

Have you been to the German Village in Korea?

Have you been to the German Village in Korea? At first glance you might notice it’s just a modern city, just some beautiful buildings. Then you start walking around the community and you’ll start to hear some German being spoken, though they are clearly Koreans. There is a stone that welcomes you to the the German Village and right above it, you’ll notice the first flag is red, black, and yellow. Have we stepped into Germany? Well, you have ! All of the residents who live here are retires from Germany. How did this come to be? After the reputation...

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Yo Soy Coreano

Latin America (South America), Here We Are ! Today, we’ll explore the brief rundown of the migration that occurred which only depicts a handful of events and occurrences amongst a sea of information.  The aim of this article is to promote a general understanding of how the mass emigration occurred, how the Koreans survived and made a living, and anything interesting that we did given our unique circumstances.  Enjoy. How Did We End Up Here ?  In 1962, the Overseas Emigration Law was enacted by both countries with a huge intention to strengthen the textile trade.  However, migration to Latin America...

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Koreans in New Zealand

Hello everyone, Today we will talk about the lovely Kiwi people of New Zealand. They call themselves kiwis because there is an endangered species called the kiwi. Having not attended a Korean school in South Korea, I can’t imagine fully to what extent the environment is like for kids growing up in South Korea. However, I used to visit Korea every summer vacation since I was 7 years old and saw my cousin slave away on her homework, get hit by her mom (too many times to count), and come home at hours that would shock you. It’s amazing that kids...

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K-Indie better than K-pop? You decide

  I’m going to be honest, kpop is always as good as ever!  With their catchy hits, their spiffy clothes, and just the overall image of kpop artists get many girls and boys wanting more. As much as I like kpop, in the past two years, I’ve come to enjoy another genre of Korean music.  It’s funny because I didn’t even know I liked it until I was listening to Busker Busker and was told by someone that this type of music was Indie. I don’t dig into the music scene like most.  As long as I have some good songs on...

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Korean movement in Russia

If you’ve ever visited Korea, there is more than meets the eye.   With the growth of kpop culture, addicting TV dramas, and rise in the tourism industry, it’s hard to see that this country was once dominated under a monarchy. Don’t get me wrong.  I love kpop. Big Bang is one of my favourite groups! But let me get back to what’s to come. But back in the day, during the Joseon Dynasty, only a handful of people were able to eat the delicious food you can find in almost any restaurants all over this great country. Many...

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