Super Junior Image teaser for Mamacita On 1 September, Super Junior will be officially releasing their seventh studio album, MAMACITA tomorrow. More than two years since their previous album release, these “sexy, free and single” guys are now back to wow fans and K-pop lovers as a real 남자 (translated as men in English).

Super Junior leader, Lee Teuk, was asked to share his thoughts about being back in action a month after his discharge from the compulsory military service. He said, “I was seriously worried whether or not I could actually do it, make my return, jump back into action.” He also shared that he was particularly uncertain about his part in Super Junior’s comeback during his absence.

So, what does MAMACITA actually means?

During the press conference on 28 August, Super Junior leader, Lee Teuk shared, “The term “mamacita” takes on a lot of different meanings…but in English, you can think of it as “She’s gorgeous”.

Just as what it means, MAMACITA, in Spanish, is used by guys on the ladies whom they think are sexy or beautiful.

SJ Mamacita album image The concept for MAMACITA is not just about having the musical components but, the feeling of as though they are coming back as handsome, real men. Lee Teuk said, “For almost a past decade, we have always been trying to attempt the concept of being manly”. Super Junior member, Eunhyuk, further added, “This time, it is true”.

MAMACITA consists of a total 10 song tracks, featuring “Mamacita”, as the title song, which is said to have a more masculine feel and also, a Latin flare for this upbeat pop track.

Now, what’s more to come, Super Junior has mentioned that there will be a drama version for MAMACITA after releasing their music video on 28 August.

The digital album of MAMACITA is officially available from 29 August.

Super Junior’s seventh studio album will be officially on sales offline tomorrow,  1 September 2014…Do give them your support, E.L.Fs and K-pop lovers.

Source Credit: Korean Hearald, Mnet America (Teaser Image), K2NBlog (Album Image)