What is a Korean meal without the presence of 반찬 (Ban Chan)?

“What exactly is this 반찬 you speak of”, you may ask. 

반찬, are Korean side dishes that are usually seen to accompany Korean meals. 반찬 usually range from a wide variety of dishes from steamed and lighted seasoned seaweed to spicy anchovies. I personally love eating my 반찬 bit by bit, in between mouthfuls of my main dish. 반찬 are afterall, side dishes meant to complement the main dish. 

Ban Chan

Look at my train of pretty 반찬!

Whenever I have Korean food, I can’t seem to stop myself from staring at those pretty little plates in front of me. There’s surely a 반찬 with a taste suiting each individual. Tangy radish kimchi, slightly salty seaweed, spicy anchovies, par-boiled black eyed beans… I could go on and on! The list is exhaustive and so is the taste.

Each Korean diner carries its own take on the 반찬 they serve. Likewise, each family prepares their own favourite 반찬 to accompany their meals, perhaps even  including a secret family recipe!

The next time you have a Korean meal, look out to taste each and every one of the 반찬 placed in front of you. Take a picture or two, too, to capture the deliciously pretty moments. And if the taste buds start crying out in happiness, don’t feel shy to ask for more 반찬 (:

That way, what’s good can only get better. 

ban chan 2

Enjoy your meals, my friends! Love, Yogam (: