Brazilian man gets plastic surgery to look Korean

This Brazilian man has gone under the knife multiple times in order to look more East Asian. Do you think he succeeded?
Though his silicone facial implants and lip surgery are nothing unusual in Brazil, the 25 year old has gone a step farther to transform himself by making alterations to his eyes.
Xiahn, who asked not to be fully named to protect his family from Internet scrutiny, underwent 10 surgical procedures on his eyes, along with other less-invasive procedures, which cost him a total of $3,100. He also began wearing contact lenses to change his eye color.

Originally blue-eyed with blonde hair, he became interested in having plastic surgery after spending time as an exchange student in Korea. He was inspired by how common plastic surgery was there.

“Koreans have many surgeries to modify the shape of their eyes and become more like Westerners. It was easy to tell when one of them has done it, walking on the street wearing sunglasses and a surgical mask,” he said.

Xiahn is happy with his results, stating, “I have no regrets, and I don’t intend to have any more procedures.”