Bangtan celebrates 1st Anniversary

Oh My God!!! A K-pop lover like me actually missed out on this hip hop rookie group, BTS a.k.a Bangtan Boys (방탄소년단), celebrating their first anniversary on 13 June. They have been gaining attention around the globe since their debut last year.

So, what are their thoughts and feelings for the past year?

You will have to listen to this song, So 4 More, which they have released in celebration for their first anniversary ever since they debuted on June last year.

Leader Rap Monster feels “as life took me hostage, I chose to be ambitiousIt’s been a year already but I can never get used to it”, as he slowly adapts to the life after being a leader of the group with more responsibilities, duties and etc. compared to the carefree wandering life before debut.

“Daddy” of the group, Suga, talks about him feeling lost and caught in between reality and dream…In his rap, it goes “For a year I felt as if I was walking on thin ice…I put myself in the jail of envy and bitterness. And it constantly suffocates me.” “Dream and Reality…I become more indifferent but also more desperate.”

So 4 More” also talks about their bonding as a group with maknae line (V, Jimin and Jungkook) and “Princess” of the group, Jin, each sang a verse, “The year goes by, the year comes around…You and I walk on the same melody again and again.”

And, what thoughts do the “hope” of the group, J-Hope, has?

The more I sweat, the bigger the stage gets…the cheers and applause, it’s blessing like a gift”, “I felt burdened by the amount of love I got from you…No matter if it’s rainy or windy, Bangtan always give me peace of mind…” to show the strong ties Bangtan members has and how J-Hope is enjoying the sweetness yet felt pressured to be even better because of this success.

Want to know more about them? What nice songs they have been singing?

Here’s a recommendation from me: listen to their latest song, MISS RIGHT, a slow jam remix version of 좋아요 in the repackaged Skool Luv Affair album.

Lastly, sorry for the late wishes…but I still wanna say Happy 1ST ANNIVERSARY, BANGTAN!!! 방탄소년단, 화이팅!!!

Source Credits: BTS Official FaceBook (Image), Bangtan TV (Youtube video), BTS We are Bulletproof! Tumblr, HITTSubs (Youtube video)