Cafe hopping may just be the recent favourite past time of many in Korea! From students to office go-ers, everyone seems to enjoy cafes!

Personally speaking, it is one of the things I enjoy doing most. From chilling out at my favourite cafes to exploring new cafes, I love it all!

One huge reason as to why I love cafe hopping is because each cafe is unique and has something different to offer from the other. Some cafes specialise in coffee while others specialise in desserts. No one cafe is similar to the other and this is honestly the best part of cafe hopping.

It is definitely most relaxing to sit down, have a good cup of coffee and some cake while watching the world go by.


The cafe trend is definitely rising with many new cafes popping up everywhere and that can only be better news to us food lovers!

I love trying out new cafes and bakeries and one of my personal favourites would be Paris Baguette, the French-inspired Korean cafe & bakery.

Each time I go by, I insist on trying a different cake or bread that they have for sale. Their cakes and breads are fairly consistent in taste and quality. Fresh, delicious and pretty!


I also like the idea of cafe hopping as it gives one time to bond with friends, lovers and family or to relax on your own. Share a cake or bread and strengthen the love, care and concern you have for each other! (:


I would travel all over the place just for a good cup of coffee, cake or just to enjoy the setting of the cafe. Cafe hopping, to me, is very therapeutic as well. Takes away the stress from school, work and everything else.

So, next time, whenever you want to de-stress, why not try a new cafe that has pretty decent coffee/tea, dessert and a really cool ambience. Cafe hopping can be an inexpensive hobby. Always be open to trying new places as you would never know where you may find a hidden gem!

Also, share information among your friends as to where your favourite cafes are because SHARING IS CARING (:

What are you waiting for then? Grab a friend or two and head on down to your favourite cafe!

And oh, when you visit Paris Baguette, remember to take a look at your receipt.


The little note on the receipt made me feel so warm and tingly on the inside. I felt so loved and it definitely made me want to come back for more (:

Enjoy cafe hopping everyone!


Yogam ( I would kill for some good cake!)