HWAGAE CHERRY BLOSSOM FESTIVAL (South Gyeongsang Province): April 1 & 2; cherry blossoms in Hwagae region; free.
SEOKCHON LAKE CHERRY BLOSSOM FESTIVAL (Seoul): April 1-9; enjoy night walk along Seokchon Lake, performances, exhibitions and more; Jamsil Station (Seoul Subway Line 2 or 8); +82-2-1330.
JINHAE GUNHANGJE FESTIVAL: April 1-10; cherry blossom trees, along with attractions; South Gyeongsang province; take an intercity bus from Seoul Bus Terminal to Jinhae; +82-2-1330.
HWAGAE CHERRY BLOSSOM FESTIVAL: Early April; Gyeongsangnam-do Hadong-gun Hwagae-myeon Unsu-ri; +82-2-1330.
YEONGAM WANGIN CULTURE FESTIVAL (South Jeolla province): April 6-9; held when blossoms are in full bloom, commemorating the achievement of Korea’s Dr. Wangin, who traveled to Japan over 1,600 years ago to spread Korean knowledge, culture and arts; at Historic Site of Dr. Wangin, Gurim Village, take an intercity bus bound for Mokpo from Seoul Central City Terminal, take a local bus bound for Yeongam and get off at the Historical Site of Dr. Wangin; free; +82-2-1330.
GYEONGPO CHERRY BLOSSOM FESTIVAL (Gangwon province): April 6-12; enjoy cherry blossoms on the 4.3 km path around Gyeongpoho Lake, take bus 202 from Gangneung Intercity Bus Terminal for Gangneung Express Bus Terminal or Gangneung Express Bus Terminal and get off at Gyeongpadae Bus Stop.
SILK TOWN MOUNTAIN CHERRY BLOSSOMS FESTIVAL (South Chungcheong province): April 15 & 16; Hundreds of wild cherry trees in bloom form a natural colony as wide as 10 million square meters in Sanan-ri village in Geumsan-gun neighboring Bogwang-ri, Sanggok-ri and Jajeon-ri; take an intercity bus to Geumsan from Seoul Express Bus Terminal, in front of the dental clinic, take a Geumsan-Jewon route bus to Jajinbaengi bus stop; +82-2-1330.