Besides K pop, there is another genre or group that I would like to share you. Clazziquai Project is a South Korean experimental band which is combined many genre such as electronic music, acid jazz, chill-out lounge and house genre into great compositions.

This one is my most favorite : Clazziquai – Love Mode feat. Tablo MV

in my own experience, I’ve heard Clazziquai one year ago for the first time, from one of Korean actor MV made by his fans, I never heard this before and that was the beginning of my reason why I really love this group so much.

Clazziquai Project, members :
Kim Sung Hoon, stage name DJ Clazzi as a composer and producer.
Choi Soo Jin, stage name Horan, as a female vocalist.
Chu Hun Gon, stage name Alex,as a male vocalist.

Discography :
Albums :
Instant Pig (2004)
Color Your Soul (2005)
Love Child of the Century (2007)
Beat in Love (2008)
Mucho Musica and Mucho Punk (2009)

Video credit :
Clazziquai – Love Mode feat. Tablo MV uploaded by Sharabet.
Clazziquai Project (클래지콰이) – ‘Fill this Night’ from 2nd Album “Color your Soul” uploaded by fluxus.
Clazziquai Project (클래지콰이) – ‘Dance’ (춤) from 2nd Album “Color Your Soul” uploaded by fluxus.