Located in the northen part of Seoul and surrounded by forested mountains, this place is a good place to visit if you come to Korea.  It has some artificial ponds designed with Korean style mixed with modern minimalist architecture building. The KDrama, IRIS was filmed at this area.

Photo credit : fass6832  on flickr.

There is an observatory with 49,7 meters to see the panoramic view of surroundings area with another function area such as the concert hall, museum and the arts center where some of exhibition were held at this place.

Photo credit : laartcore.org

How to get there :

To the Visitor Center (East Gate)
Subway line #1 to Wolgye Station (exit #2, 50 meters, then take bus #147) or Seokgye Station (exit #7, 20 meters across the street, then take Seongbuk bus 14)
Subway line #4 to Mia Station (exit #10, 10 meters, then take Seongbuk bus #09 or #11)
Subway line #6 to Dolgoji Station (exit #3, 30 meters, then take bus #147)
Subway line #7 to Hagye Station (exit #5, 100 meters, then take bus #149)

To the Art Center and Observatory (West Gate)
Subway line #4 to Mia Station (exit #2, 40 meters across the street, then take Seongbuk bus 05) or (exit #3, 70 meters, then take bus #1124)