a festival featuring tens of millions of roses is taking place at Rose Garden inside Seoul Zoo of Seoul Grand Park from May 28th to June 30th. The roses that represent 293 different species include the brilliant pink Maria Callas and the strong-scented red ‘toupt bolket.’ Also, a large flower pagoda, flower sculptures and the garden fountain all provide romantic memories for families and lovers alike. Moreover, the ‘World Dance Festival’ program featuring dance teams from France, Spain, Brazil and other countries will surely add excitement to the festival. Visitors can even learn some of the world dance routines through the program. Finally, there will be acoustic guitar performances during the weekdays, and such hands-on programs as baking rose-shaped cookies and making rose-scented perfumes on the weekends.

Festival Period & Venue
May 28–June 30, 2011

Venue : Rose Garden at Seoul Grand Park.

Admission Fees (Children’s Zoo & Rose Garden)
Adults (ages 20 and over) 2,000 won
Youths (ages 7-19) 1,500 won
Children (ages 6 and under) 1,000 won

World Dance Festival
Tue–Sun / 14:30–15:00, 18:30–19:00 / Main stage at Rose Garden

Experience Events: Sat–Sun / 10:00–18:00 / Rose Garden

1330 tt call center: +82-2-1330 (Korean, English, Japanese, Chinese)

Source : Korean Tourism Organization, visitkorea.or.kr

Courtesy of: Operation Division of Seoul Grand Park