If only I could eat bibimbap (비빔밥) every single day!

비빔밥, a classic and popular Korean dish that literally means “mixed rice”. 

Why do I love it so much?

Not only does it give me my fix of vegetables and meat, I absolutely enjoy mixing everything up in my stone pot “dolsot” (돌솥 ) along with a whole lot of red chilli paste “Gochujang” (고추장). Mixing everything up not only enhances the flavour of the entire dish, it also makes eating the dish so much easier (: 

It creates the perfect symphony in my mouth every single time, with a mesh of the different flavours coming from all the various components of the dish! 


I love how much of a visual treat 비빔밥 is. With an egg in the middle, surrounded by a colourful circle of sautéed and seasoned vegetables (carrots, cucumbers, bean sprouts, spinach, mushrooms) and meat (chicken, pork or beef), all lying on top of a bowl of rice. 

Usually, the egg in 비빔밥 would be a raw egg that would get semi-cooked in the heat coming from the stone pot. This oozy gooey goodness of the egg yolk is said to help mix the 비빔밥 better and make it taste even better! However, as for me, I like my eggs cooked all the way through. That’s why you see an omelette in my pictures, instead of the regular raw egg. 

Also, who wouldn’t love it when the restaurant owner or staff offer to help you mix your 비빔밥  before you have your meal? Korean hospitality at its best (:


Right after mixing your 비빔밥, you may realise that the dish looks a little messy. However, 비빔밥, simply put, is a delicious mess. So, just go ahead, grab your spoon and dig right in!

The next time you visit a Korean eatery, why not go for the simple and yet delectable 비빔밥? Get your dose of vegetables, meat and rice all at once!

Enjoy your meal, my friends!


Yogam ( The one who will always wish for everyday to be 비빔밥-day! )