Believe many of you are also learning Korean from various online sources and smartphone applications. This is definitely not an easy way, however, it’s the best way to learn especially when you do not have time for a regular class.

I’ve been learning occasionally during my free time for past few years and my speed of improvement can barely be measured. Luckily I have some nice Korean friends to correct me when I made mistakes, but still, it’s hard for a native Korean to explain the language to a basic learner, like me. Similarly to many languages, Korean is interesting in the way that an expression can be expressed in few different ways, and it requires understanding of the language structure and usage of different linking verbs in order to express correctly. With this, I decided to start new again to learn from the very basic.

I discovered a really good learning resource which has various teachers guiding you in learning this interesting language via. audio recording (mp3), written words (pdf), and video lessons on youtube.  Have actually recommended this website on my Facebook, it’s They have also smartphone application (KORLINK) that enables you to access to their lessons easily wherever you go! Try it!

In addition to the online resources, I would also recommend to learn via. the traditional method – books! Last month I bought my first Korean workbook from and it comes with a CD as well. The moment I flipped open the book, I was stunned when I realized everything (except some simple instructions) was written in Korean. I tried to answer the questions one after one, and really enjoy it especially the audio listening sections which are good practice to enhance my listening skill. The book used some nouns and verbs repeatedly in different questions to help you get familiarized with them. You may choose to tally the answers after you completed each chapter to realize your mistake and keep improving. It is actually better to practice along with the student textbook.

I had bought the student textbook for next stage, but am still struggling to free out my time. So, how about you? How do you learn Korean and what are the resources?


– 크리스티 ✿