Dubbed as the Hallyu King, our Sexy, Free and Single guys, Super Junior, are making their comeback soon, probably by end August at the earliest.

It has been a long wait for ELFs since their last album “Sexy, Free and Single” was released two years ago.

Some members, such as Siwon, Ryeowook, Heechul and Donghae, have started dropping hints for ELFs to inform them of their comeback.

Shall we look at how Super Junior drops hints to their ELFs?

@leedonghae: Super Junior ! 7

@leedonghae: Super Junior ! 7

SJ Practicing Hard

@leedonghae: Working Hard!

Super Junior 7th Album

@leedonghae: SJ 7

SJ Heechul recording in the studio

@kimheenim: Super Junior 7. 그래.. 한번쯤은 멀쩡한 사진도 올려야겠지. #SJ

Any idea why only did they make their comeback now?

It was rumored that they have probably waited for their leader, Lee Teuk, to be discharged later this month, on 29th July.

SM Entertainment representative said, “When Lee Teuk is discharged on 29th, we’re planning to work as fast as possible.” And, as mentioned by SM Entertainment representative, “SUPER JUNIOR’s 7TH FULL-LENGTH ALBUM WILL BE OUT IN THE FALL!!!” \^^/ \^^/ \^^/

However, Yesung will not be involved in the upcoming album’s activities as he is still serving his national service. ㅜ.ㅜ

So, will Shindong be involved in this album?

It was revealed that the stepping down from “ShimShimTapa” radio programme on 6 July have shown that Shindong is not far away from being enlisted for the mandatory national service, even though no exact date has been set yet.

SJ Shindong last day of ShimShimTapa broadcast

Last Day hosting radio show, ShimShimTapa…do you know who’s going to take over?…

What fans and the members hope for is that Shindong will be able to participate in the activities for their new upcoming album after Lee Teuk’s discharge and before his enlistment for national service.  신동오빠 (Shindong Oppa), can you hear the wishes of your members and fans?

To ELFs, please look forward to Super Junior’s upcoming 7th album! 오빠들 많이 사랑 주세요!!! (Literally meaning, please give Oppas lots of love!)

Lastly, a piece of good news for ELFs!!! Super Junior have won the Best Artist from the World in MTV Italy Awards…Congratulations to you, Super Junior!!! ELFs are feeling so proud of you now!!!

Source credit: allkpop (inclusive of image), SJ Lee Donghae’s Instagram (Image), SH Kim Heechul’s Instagram (Image)