This is one of unique part of traditional Korean handicraft, its name is jukbuin or we can call “the bamboo wife”, looks interesting and also creative crafts. When the summer comes and the weather becomes humid and increasing the temperature, this stuff is more comfortable to use especially for taking a nap. Jukbuin was used by the Korean noble man at the past time, it made from thinly cutting bamboo and strands into the shape of the a large pillow. A man would hug one to sleep with his arms and legs wrapped around it. It is empty inside and letting the air flows through it and the surface of the bamboo has a refreshingly cool feel to it so it helps to reduce heat when the person is slepping.

The reason why jukbuin is called as a bamboo wife is because of the jukbuin shape is look like a woman. At the past times, jukbuin was also brought when the Korean noble man travelled to provide the emotional feelings, he would felt like his wife always stay beside him. Jukbuin was a favorite stuff for Korean man because in the past times, it was uncommon to express the feelings.

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If you come to Korea, jukbuin is also great for the souvenirs.

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