If you’ve ever visited Korea, there is more than meets the eye.

joseon palace


With the growth of kpop culture, addicting TV dramas, and rise in the tourism industry, it’s hard to see that this country was once dominated under a monarchy.

Don’t get me wrong.  I love kpop. Big Bang is one of my favourite groups!


But let me get back to what’s to come.

But back in the day, during the Joseon Dynasty, only a handful of people were able to eat the delicious food you can find in almost any restaurants all over this great country. Many people were peasants who were just scrapping by, while the rich lavished in their excessive palaces.

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Willard Dickerman Straight and Early U.S. Korea Diplomatic Relations, Cornell University Library

During the Joseon Dynasty the 19th century, many people moved to find a better way of living. Today, one of the oldest generations of the Korean diaspora is in Russia.  Inevitably, some of them have come back, and brought with them some of the food, culture, and atmosphere in the middle of Seoul. So if you’d like to try some authentic Russian food in one of the busiest cities in Seoul, go to a place called ‘Little Russia’.

So just remember ! Korea is a place that has more to offer than just kpop and the dramas; you can keep discovering new places so close by you. Keep your eyes open and you’ll be pleasantly surprised by what you might find right around the corner.


your Kyopo friend,