I’m going to be honest, kpop is always as good as ever!  With their catchy hits, their spiffy clothes, and just the overall image of kpop artists get many girls and boys wanting more.



As much as I like kpop, in the past two years, I’ve come to enjoy another genre of Korean music.  It’s funny because I didn’t even know I liked it until I was listening to Busker Busker and was told by someone that this type of music was Indie.

I don’t dig into the music scene like most.  As long as I have some good songs on my iPhone, and some good poppy music to dance to, I’m good.  Luckily I got to know someone who was a real music connoisseur, and introduced me to the K-Indie I listen to today.

With their hipster clothes, melodic and catchy beats, and just their overall feel makes this topic worth discussing.

And some artists are just plain silly and you just want to hang out with them.

retrieved from http://www.bandthelads.com/

retrieved from http://www.bandthelads.com/

Just a little background about the Indie scene.

In Hongdae, you’ll notice flashy type of people everywhere you turn, and this has to do with the music that has influenced this part of town. However, the k-pop seems to over-shine the popular media and TV shows so that most people who learn about Korea don’t always know that there is a K-indie scene that is incubating and actually progressing, despite the overlooked attention.

The latest and popular Indie artist that you might have heard of is 10cm.  They got famous through a song called Americano.   It’s indeed catchy and makes me want some coffee, but I actually prefer another song called 오늘밤은 어둠이 무서워요. It’s a nice relaxing song that has a soft beat to it as well.  A similar artist would be Showgy. Their song 슈비루비(Shoobeeloobi) is a song that I instantly loved, it puts you into a surrealistic world where candies and chocolates fall from the sky.

10cm – 오늘밤은 어둠이 무서워요 (Tonight, I’m scared of the dark)

Showgy – 슈비루비 (Shoobeloobi)

Want something more electric and upbeat ? Try Cassette Schwarzenegger, that will get you dancing and jumping around.  Can’t go on my own by Clazziquai Project is another upbeat song that has a bit of a chill feel.

Cassette Schwarzengger – Super Hi Fi

Clazziquai Project – Can’t go on my own

There are various K-Indie groups to be discovered.  And once you find one you like, you’ll want to play them over and over again.

If you want to check out some of Korea’s up and coming indie artists, go to doindie.co.kr, that’s where everyone goes for events, news, anything your heart desires will be answered here.  Oh, for my English peeps, www.koreanindie.com is another site in English that has the latest news as well.

Happy listening.

your Kyopo friend,


P.S. Digging it yet ? J Rabbit.  Check them out too.