Larva Train to hit Seoul

/ Yonhap

For anyone who is a fan of the animation program “Larva,” Seoul City has news for you. Starting in November, people can ride on a subway featuring the show’s main characters, or should we say organisms.

Under a plan pushed by Mayor Park Won-soon, a train on Seoul’s Line No. 2 will be covered with images of the computer-animated children’s program beginning on Nov. 1, designed by the show’s production company Tuba Entertainment.

It’s the latest move by Mayor Park to decorate the city. He’s also moved to decorate a street in Sungsu, in eastern Seoul, with cat characters. More famously, he has pushed a project to decorate busses to look like the popular cartoon character “Tayo.”

/ Yonhap

The Larva train will begin operating at 11:22 a.m. on the first day of November, taking off from Sindorim Station towards City Hall Station.

The exterior of the 10-car subway will feature images of the show’s two main characters ­ who are larva ­ and the inside will feature three different larva-related themes. The train will complete eight circuits each day and seven on national holidays and Sundays.

Taxi with cartoon character “Pororo” designs are also being pushed in a bid to make Seoul a more child-friendly city, city officials say.

Source: Koreatimes