Whether you’re hungry in the middle of the night or if you simply have a craving for some noodles and soup, the first thing that would probably come to mind is some RAMYEON (라면) !

라면 (Korean style instant noodles)One of the simplest things and yet most comforting of dishes.


I love the many different varieties 라면 comes in. Kimchi-flavoured, bean-paste, anchovies, super spicy kimchi are a few to name. On top of this, I like how versatile 라면 is because no matter what I add to my 라면, it just tastes oh so good! I would usually like to add cheese, crack in an egg, or simply throw in tons more of fresh kimchi to my piping hot bowl of 라면. The soup base just gets richer and more flavourful. Somehow, even soggy 라면 noodles taste really good (or maybe its just my own preference)!

라면 is served in Korean restaurants too and they usually have a rather wide range of 라면 where you can choose to add cheese, kimchi, spicy chicken, pork, beef, anchovies, tuna, tofu and the list simply goes on! I absolutely adore how 라면 is served in these places too. A piping hot bowl of noodles and soup served in a huge korean style pot.


Looks so simple and comforting, doesn’t it?

Also, at Korean diners, 라면 is also added to spicy rice cakes (Topokki), making the dish known as Rabokki (라볶이). 라면 noodles are also the same ones used in preparing black bean noodles jjajangmyeon (짜장면).


Basically, you can add anything you want into your 라면! Find a combination that makes your taste buds go crazy. For me, cheese 라면 will always be my most-loved 라면 combination.

Oh, the sight of that stringy melted cheese on top of my 라면…..


Have a good meal everyone!


Yogam ( *runs to the kitchen to cook some 라면, with cheese of course!*)