So, it’s one of the two most celebrated holidays in Korea and basically all the stores are closed, all your Korean friends left to go bowing to their grandparents, and there is pretty much nothing to do… As I realized over the past couple of years, there is no better timing than Seollnal for… GOING SKIING!

I am serious! There is basically no one who would be on your way when you are collapse with shooting downhill. The snow doesn’t get icy as fast as it does on normal days. You do not spend even a minute while waiting for your turn at lifts. Isn’t that great? So, next year during Seollnal do think of going for skiing or snowboarding!

I particularly recommend Muju resort. It’s my second year going there for skiing and it is quite close and convenient for us, Daejeoners.

If you are one of those unlucky (like me) who do not possess a personal means of transportation it might seem to be difficult to go skiing. Don’t you get all sad! There is an amazing and easy way to go there by tour packages. The tour company called Keumnam Tours organizes trip to Muju. Just visit their and you can reserve a package for you and friends. The bus has lots of stops, and for KAISTians – there is one at main gate. The first table (주 간 일 일 스 키 운 행 노 선) lists all locations where the bus picks up passengers. The second table has a list of all packages. The one we chose was package 2 (PKG2) which includes: bus tickets (round), lift tickets and ski rental.

After you chose what you need, you need to fill in the form at the end of the page.

I filled in English translations to help you out:

Immediately after you fill in the form, you need to send the money to:

Actually it is quite cheaper if you go in a package than by going yourself and purchasing the lift tickets individually. The closer it gets to spring, the cheaper are the tickets. I hope you have a great skiing trip!!!

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