Petit France is like a rural village located at the bottom of the Alps. As it became known to public when it was featured in the famous drama ‘Beethoven Virus’, people began to line up to look around the village. The office of Maestro Gang and the orchestra’s practice room were located in the village. The office of Gang Mae is preserved as it appeared in the drama so that visitors can relive the drama. Petit France is also a filming location for Secret Garden, Korean Drama.

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Petit France, meaning ‘small France’, reminds visitors of a small village located on the shoreline of the Mediterranean. To enter the village, visitors have to pass through a grand entrance that looks like a castle gate. Soon, an outdoor stage is reached, where various performances are held, and soon after the Check-in House appears. At the Check-in House, a room can be rented, a multi-purpose hall, or a seminar room or one can simply gather information on the nearby tourist attractions or water sports facilities. Behind the Check-in House is a French bistro offering simple French dishes.

The Housing Pavilion is a real 150 – 200 year old French house. This old house was moved to Petit France from France itself. From the ceiling, ridgepoles, and window frames to the furniture inside the pavilion, visitors are presented with authentic French housing culture.

Petit France has reproduced the traditional styles of European housing. Visitors will find it easy to relax here and experience the lifestyle of the French.

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616 Goseong-ri, Cheongpyeong-myeon, Gapyeong-gun, Gyeonggi-do, Korea

Take a bus for Cheongpyeong Bus Terminal from either Dongseoul Bus Terminal or Sangbong Intercity Bus Terminal. Then take a shuttle bus from Cheongpyeong Station.

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