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Character :

Pororo (voiced by Lee Sun) – a little blue penguin and the titular character of the cast of friends. Pororo wears big round aviator goggles and a tan-colored aviator cap. He is 5 years old and the leader of the group. He often gets into various types of mischief with his friends, which includes trying to fly and playing practical jokes on his friends. Pororo lives in a pine-tree house along with Crong, his dinosaur friend and roommate. In season 3, he wears a blue aviator jumpsuit and a yellow aviation helmet and gloves. His instrument is the electric guitar.

Crong – a little green dinosaur that lives with Pororo. He is discovered one day as an egg, which hatches later and is adopted by Pororo as a little brother. Crong is the youngest of the group. He is usually with Pororo and is constantly getting into trouble. In the first season he cannot speak; he can only say his own name, “Crong!” to communicate, but in later seasons he can say Pororo’s name and a few basic words. In season 3 he wears a blue aviator jumpsuit and a red bandana and gloves. His instrument is the trumpet.

Eddy – a little red fox who is intelligent and an inventive genius. Sometimes, he can be a show-off. His inventions include robots, trains, cars, flying devices, ships and submersibles among other things. Often, these inventions go horribly wrong which causes problems for anyone who gets caught up in his antics. Eddy is good friends with Pororo, but is also his friendly rival. Eddy lives in a hollowed-out tree stump. In season 3 he wears a white shirt and blue overalls. He sang wrong in the song “Ribbit Frog” from “Pororo’s Singalong”. His instrument is the xylophone.

Poby – a polar bear that lives out by a glacier. Poby is the largest of all the characters and has a very gentle nature. He enjoys fishing and photography and does most of the village chores. Poby has a big black nose and wears blue denim overalls with a letter ‘P’ on the breast (seasons 1 and 2). In season 3 he wears a white shirt and blue shorts. His instrument is the drums.

Loopy – a beaver who is often the voice of reason in the show. She is very shy, sensitive, and sometimes she can be a little princessy. Loopy lives in a hollowed out log and often invites visitors over. She enjoys cooking; she is especially fond of baking cakes and pies for her friends. Pororo and Eddy were always vying for her attention until Petty becomes introduced later. In season 2 she wears a simple flower barrette on her head or a pink bow, and in season 3, she wears a pink dress, which is updated in later episodes. Her instrument is a white piano.

Petty – a female penguin who wears a violet hood and caplet and joins Pororo and friends in Season 2. The guys are shown to have a crush on her, but she seems to be oblivious about it. Pororo often finds himself dumbfounded when she comes around, much to the ire of Loopy, who is mildly jealous of her. Petty is shown to be a little tomboyish, is a terrible cook but excels in sports, and is afraid of spiders. Petty lives in a cabin made by her friends. She wears a purple winter cap and a purple winter dress with two flowers in season 3. Her instrument is the violin.

Harry – a wayward hummingbird who lost his way from Summer Island and found his way into Pororo and friends’ neighborhood (in Season 2). Harry can be quite temperamental, and he loves to sing, but his singing is usually not well received by his friends. He lives in a tiny cabin inside of Poby’s house and wears a big purple bow tie.

Rody – a yellow robot built by Eddy who joins the cast of Friends in Season 3. He has catlike ears, a permanent grin and can stretch his arms and legs and lives with Eddy for a time, but given his tremendous strength and lack of social skills it becomes impractical for Rody to continue living there. As a result, Eddy later builds him his own house nearby; a large oval shaped structure made of thick sheet metal. Fiercely loyal and obedient, he is often grateful for any kind gestures the gang bestows upon him.

Tongtong – an orange tuxedo-wearing dragon that joins the cast of friends in Season 3 (not to be confused with the minor character “Dragon” from seasons 1 and 2). He lives far away inside of a volcano located in a temperate climate. He has magic powers which are achieved by chanting his own name many times and very often his magic backfires and cause problems for Pororo and his friends. He can also magically morph to a large dragon to fly long distances, but often has difficulty landing.

Popo and Pipi – two jellyfish-like twin aliens that often hover together. Pipi is purple and Popo is blue. They live in a big flying saucer. They moved in from Planet Pipo in Season 3.

Credit : wikipedia.