Format : Romance and Comedy
Created by : SBS
Country of origin : South Korea
Episodes : 16
Running time : Wednesday & Thursday nights at 9:55 pm (Korea time)
Original channel SBS
Original run March 31, 2010 – May 21, 2010

Ma Hae-Ri (Kim So-Yeon) was an overweight child, but with hard training overseen by her mother, she grew to have a near perfect figure. She has an incredible memory and ability to focus which helped her to eventually pass the bar exam. After her bar exam, Ma Hae-Ri studied further at the Judicial Research & Training Institute to become a prosecutor. Ma Ha-Ri received great scores and had no difficulties become a prosecutor. At first, Ma Hae-Ri had doubts about her abilities to become a prosecutor. But with practice and several cases she excelled at her job and got the nickname Mata Hari. “Female Prosecutor Mata Hari” covers her life and her relationship with two men..

Ma Hye-ri (played by Kim So-yeon)

Junior Prosecutor, Midland Prosecutor’s Office. Daughter of CEO Ma of Dongbang [Eastern] Architecture.

Beauty like an actress’ and a body that would make a movie star cry! Passed the Bar Exam in one shot. Graduated from the Judicial Research and Training Institute with top grades. The envy of all parents in South Korea.

Raised as the precious daughter of an affluent family. Under her mother’s maintenance, she studied as her mother told her to, and got good grades without any goals or personal worries, eventually entering a law college. She has an IQ of 168, plus excellent concentration and memorization skills.

Her hobbies are shopping, skincare, and body maintenance. She knows when all the new name-brand lines come out, and if she sees pretty clothes or accessories, she absolutely has to buy them. At one point, she thought her calling was fashion and transferred to Fashion Design, but her father caught her; she had to return to law in order to avoid being kicked out of the house.

Seo In-woo (played by Park Si-Hoo)

Principal Attorney, Haneul [“sky/or heaven”] Law Offices

Has an unusual resume—graduated from an American university, then came to Korea to take the bar exam and became a lawyer. Runs the law firm “Haneul,” which houses outsiders who can’t deal with the realities of the legal profession in Korea. There are many rumors about his origins, but no one really knows his past. A man whose personality changes like a chameleon. Just why does In-woo hide his true self and hang around Hye-ri?

Yoon Se-joon (played by Han Jung Soo)

Chief Prosecutor of Ma Hye-ri’s office. Tall and handsome, this attractive man is called “The Gregory Peck of the Prosecutor World.” He is capable, cold, cynical, and harsh.

He lost his wife to cancer 3 years ago, and has a 7-year-old daughter. He is more traumatized by his wife’s death than one would think. While he worked like a crazy man at the prosecutorial profession, which he found fun because of his boiling-hot sense of justice and passion, his wife supported him quietly. She allowed her disease to progress too much, and he couldn’t even be at her deathbed. The profession of prosecutor, which is so intense that he had to give up his personal life…in his heart, he carries remorse that he can’t let anyone else see.

Jin Jeong-seon (played by Choi Song Hyun)

Hye-ri’s senior colleague. Ma Hye-ri’s natural enemy! Hot-blooded prosecutor who lives by justice and dies by justice.

She runs around as though she’ll save the world all by herself. Unbeknownst to her, this has earned her the nickname “Eagle Noona [older sister]” as well as “Double Blade” — because her speech cuts like a knife. She became a prosecutor because her father, having lost all of his money to a con, died of a nervous disorder brought on by rage. Because of her work, she has never dreamed of marriage. Sometimes, when corruption in the prosecutor world comes to light, or a fellow prosecutor’s misconduct is revealed, she fumes alone, drinking like a fish.

Jenny Ahn (played by Park Jung-Ah)

Age 29. In-woo’s friend. International lawyer. Korean, but was adopted into the U.S. as an infant. Has extraordinary endurance and courage from having to live as an Asian in American society. Met In-woo when he came to live with an adoptive father and enrolled in her middle school.

The day she found out about In-woo’s heartbreak, which was even deeper than her own heartbreak over being abandoned by her biological parents, she held out her hand to him: “I’ll be your sister…” So they became like brother and sister, like family. When they got into a fight with some Mexicans because of racism issues, they defended each other to the death. She came to love In-woo, but she doesn’t express it because she’s afraid that it’ll ruin their sibling-like bond.

When In-woo decides to leave for Korea to do the work that he’s dreamed of all his life, she follows In-woo to help him.

Kim Sang-ho as Na Joong-seok
Jo Jung Ik / Yoo Geun as Lee Min-seok
Lee Seung-hyeong as Cha Myung-soo
Lee Eun-hee as Lee Jeong-im
Choi Sung Ho as Chae Ji-woon
Lee Jong Suk as Lee Woo Hyun

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