Hey guys, you have probably seen PSY’s new music video posted in our Facebook page or somewhere on the Internet.

Yes! PSY, who has caused a stir around the world with his horse-riding dance for “Gangnam Style”, is back.

PSY Hangover Cartoon ImageThe latest music video, “Hangover”, has released on 8 June on his official YouTube channel, officialpsy.

From the horse-riding dance phenomenon, “Gangnam Style”, to a refreshing hip-hop style for “Hangover”, PSY just has his way of creating million views. The latest music video has since garnered more than 5 million views as of 11pm KST.

The song, Hangover, which talks about the distinctive drinking habits and active nightlife in Korea, is a collaboration between Snoop Dogg and PSY composing the song together online. They have also filmed the music video together in Seoul throughout 18 hours of production without having a break.

“Hangover” is given the name of “a party anthem” as there’s a possibility of it swiftly becoming a hot favorite in the late-night bars across the globe, with the song goes like this “Party’s over, it ain’t over.”

PSY’s YG Entertainment label mate, Big Bang’s  One of a Kind G-Dragon and 2NE1’s  The Baddest Female (or 나쁜 기집에 – pronounced as “Nappeun Gizibe” in Korean) CL, has also played a small role in this entertaining music video, other than rapper Snoop Dogg and PSY themselves.  G-Dragon has a cameo moment in the karaoke room, whereas CL made an appearance in a place, kind of like a martial arts hall.

PSY Hangover MV featuring GD and CL

Now, will PSY made another breakthrough after having 2 billion views for his “Gangnam Style”? And, will he be able to create another new Hallyu Wave sensation with “Hangover”?

PSY said in a statement, “2 billion views…they are very honourable and very burdensome numbers.”

PSY hangover MV scenes

If you can’t get enough of partying, go on to iTunes store today to get more hangover moments with PSY and Snoop Dogg.

        PSY best way to listen to music - use earphones         PSY Hangover feat Snoop Dog at Restaurant

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