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Yeouido Park, Seoul

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Are Looking for a place to ride a bike in Seoul, South Korea?
How about Yeouido Park? Especially you don’t have a bike with you in Korea.


Yeouido Park 02


One of the reason you should visit Yeouido (Yeoui island) is to enjoy daylight in the park located center of Seoul!
It’s hard to find any park in Seoul, not the playground for kids. But this Yeouido Park is large enough to walk around, and many Korean people visit to find some rest in greens.


The reason why I went there was because I didn’t know how to ride a bike before… for 23 years of my age, and so my husband was the one-day teacher for me. I never thought of learning how to ride a bike that day really, but it wasn’t that hard as I expected.


Yeouido Park 01

Basically, you can just rent bicycle, in-line skate, kickboard, skateboard. Rental Fees are all the same,
1-person bicycle, inline skate, kickboard … : 3,000 won/hour
But for the 2-person bicycles: 6,000 won/hour



Yeouido Park 03

It took me about half an hour to finally enjoying my bike. I rode a bike and my hubby rented the in-line skate. With nice weather, it was good to see people spending their weekends with the family too.


If you are like me, never ridden a bike before, or just looking for some place to ride with other Korean people (many Korean guys play street basketball there too), try visiting Yeouido Park this week. It would be fun 🙂



And for your information,

Address : 120, Yeouigongwon-ro, Yeongdeungpo-gu, Seoul

– From Exit # 1 of Yeouinaru Subway Station (Seoul Subway Line 5)
walk 10 minutes towards SBS TV Station.
– From Exit # 3 of Yeouido Subway Station (Seoul Subway Line 5), walk 5 minutes
towards the National Assembly building.

Admission Fees : Free

Homepage : (support Korean, English, Japanese, Chinese


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