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Sushi Masa Thonglor branch

One day, I’d searched a sushi place in Bangkok and found some places, Sushi Masa, Honmono sushi, Mugendai, etc. Many of sushi lovers recommend this one on their blog. That’s why I tried Sushi Masa.
Sushi Masa have 2 branches, one is at Siam Swana Hotel and the other one is at Thonglor. According to the website, The first branch, Siam Swana Hotel was opened in 2011 and they got 2nd branch in Thonglor open in 2012. Sushi Masa Thonglor branch is located on Thonglor soi 5,  inside of The Andaman.



Actually the atmosphere of Sushi Masa Thonglor branch was not that fancy as I expected. Girls love fancy atmosphere you know 🙂 The place has not that many tables and bar seats. Not much spaces between tables as well. This place could be little bit noisy when the place is getting many people.
The atmosphere is okay for dinner with friends and family. But you better not to try a dinner for a first date! If you look for a nice sushi place with fancy atmosphere, I can tell you try Mugendai and Honmono sushi. Sushi Masa Thonlor branch is quite cozy and real Japanese style.

I was wondering why many people recommend this place. There is a reason definitely.


What I ordered

It’s too difficult to choose only few pieces on the menu. I want to try every pieces of sushi! 😀 I ordered for the first round Masa Toro Sushi set and some pieces for UnagiEngawa and Akagai. Akagai is my favorite!
The first round wasn’t enough for sure. I knew it! Ordered more Chu-Toroand Akagai sushi. Loved it so much 🙂 And gave it a try for Negi toro maki.


Do I look happy? Absolutely happy mak mak♥ I think I live for a sushi lol. Can’t wait to put the pieces on my tongue!!


Masa Toro Sushi Set

Masa Toro sushi set is a good combination for chewy fatty sushi lovers. It serves total 7 pieces, 2 pcs of O-Toro, 2 pcs of Chu-Toro and 3 pcs of Salmon.
The size and thickness of fish were enough to have them in one bite. I got full in my mouth with 1 piece of sushi. Not too huge, enough big size.

I think it’s the best choice if you hesitate what to order. Try a set first and order more different kinds of pieces you want to taste. They have many kinds of sets. for example Aburi sushi set, Salmon & Akami set, Special set, etc. I want to try Aburi sushi set called Matsu set next time for sure! (Aburi sushi is roasted sushi especially only on the top of the sushi.)


My oh my O-Toro! So chewy and fatty piece! It’s melting away in my mouth and got me full of happiness♥ I know you getting watery mouth now! ;-D


This piece must be a belly part of salmon. I like the way when I chew the salmon belly than normal salmon. It got me fat but loved it so much! lol.

sushi-masa-08Akagai, Unagi, Engawa sushi

There goes 2nd round. I ordered some more different kinds of pieces. My favorite Akagai sushi and Unagi, Engawa aburi sushi.

Akagai sushi at Sushi Masa was sooooo goooood 🙂 I love non-fatty sushi as well. Fresh and clean, high quality raw ingredients! Engawa aburi sushi just disappeared when I put it on my mouth and got me so greasy. I know this is how it is anyway.  I prefer fresh Engawa. Korea and Japan have fresh Engawa but I couldn’t find it in Bangkok yet. Does anyone know where to find fresh Engawa in Bangkok?


Unagi sushi at Sushi Masa was soft and in a good quality. I think Unagi-don will be a good menu for lunch.


Negi Toro Maki

This cute and small maki was over than expectation! The salmon eggs topping gave better taste having them together. But it would be better if the size was more bigger.


Sake Dokuri

Don’t forget to order sake when having sushi! Sake is better than beer definitely. Having sushi with sake gives me a better taste and various flavor. 🙂

sushi-masa-21Sushi Masa Price

Jasmine ordered

Masa Toro Set 1,340
Akagai sushi 80/pcs
Unagi sushi 80/pcs
Engawa sushi 120/pcs
Chu-toro sushi 320/pcs
Negi Toro Maki 380
Sake dokuri 150/glass

More to choose

Masa grand set 1,280
Masa special set 420
Salmon & Akami set 280
O-toro sushi 480/pcs
Uni sushi (freeze/fresh) 100/380/pcs
Foie gras sushi 260/pcs
Matsuzaka 380/pcs

Jasmine’s Comment

Sushi Masa Thonglor branch is worthy to try if looking for good quality sushi in Bangkok. But do not expect to have sushi dinner in fancy atmosphere. Even though the atmosphere let me down little bit, I was satisfied with the quality of raw materials at Sushi Masa. Willing to have sushi dinner again next time here. 🙂

Sushi Masa(ซูชิมาสะ) Thonglor branch

TEL 02-185-3800
Address 56/1 Soi Thong Lo 5 (next to The Andaman), Vadhana, Bangkok

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