This story has good moral value for everybody, if you know the famous Korean calligrapher, 한석봉 Han Seok Bong who lived in Joseon Dynasty there was a story happened years ago before he became a master of calligrapher and the primary transcriber.

When he was young and still learning how to do traditional calligraphy he got so good that one day he thought he had nothing left to learn. Later he was visiting his mother in his hometown and his mother came up with an idea for making modest again.


His mother proposed Han Seok Bong a little experiment to cut tteok (Korean rice cake) while he write calligraphy without any lights in the dark of night and saw who was better at their respective activity.  His mother had cut perfect slices of tteok, but it was impossible to make out what he had written.  Han Seok Bong returned to Seoul and continued his study. He became a diligent student and famous in his field. He then become a master in calligraphy.

This moral story is told to young people about the value of humility, because we never learn all there is to know.

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Photo credit : 대구교육사랑 at Naver by 대구광역시교육청