Date App Game

This guy had 400 one night stands in Thailand.

“Wam bam, thank you Khrap,” says Gert Jan Wallet. Self proclaimed booty pro that has been a predatorious in the dating app scene has shared with us on how it’s done. Having a record of over 400 one night stands of pure sexual engagement on the first night in the three years in Thailand; he has been playing this game as a full time hobby. Gert moved to Thailand from the Netherlands once he realize his tactics worked well for him. “It’s a numbers game. I just hit “like” to all the females in que and see what sticks,” explains Gert. His go to weapons are Tinder, Badoo, Scout, and Thai friendly.
“I only work with yes or no questions. There isn’t a lot of words involved,” he explains. “You would be surprise as how much the percentage goes up once they agree to come to my room.” If a girl doesn’t respond to the way he would like to see, then he moves on. If she is extra “hot” he might be more inclined to pursue further. “Drinks like beer helps and of course I pay. We already know what’s gonna happen and I encourage each one differently,” he smirks.
Key words to look for ladies if getting poked on the first night is your goal on these sites.
Nothing serious
Just fun
Leaving tomorrow
Drink in my room
Are you naughty?
Picture of your body
Are you a dirty girl?
There are many individuals that join these date apps with the intention to meet genuine, interesting individuals. Everyone can still believe in life long friendships and positive relationships. There are also other tactics that satisfy different needs. It’s the awareness that will lead to no hard feelings and the games get played. Jert explains further, “I’m 27 and looking for something serious is not my goal right now.” Obviously, the truth and directness can eliminate priceless time not to be wasted on different goals. Thankfully for men like Jert to enlighten participants in this game.