Chuncheon is the city located in Gangwon province South Korea. It is in the northeast part of South Korea and also as a capital city of Gangwon. Gangwon is also known as a name of Arirang song. Arirang is a Korean traditional song which has various types depending on the region and Gangwon has one of that.

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Let’s go back to Chuncheon ^^ Chuncheon also has a great view and places to visit. Remembering of the famous Korean drama, Winter Sonata which is filmed in one of the islands in Chuncheon area. Yes Nami island. Let’s check another island besides Nami that we can visit also when we go to Chuncheon and also another spots in Chuncheon.

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Jungdo (Jungdo-dong, Chuncheon city, Gangwondo)

Surrounded with Lake Uiam has the very excellent surrounding scenery, it is a noted place for tourism which many people visit for the university M.T. for four seasons, picnic, or athlete meeting.

Nami Island (Namsan-myeon, Bangha-ri, Chuncheon city, Gangwondo )

As a place that keeps the beauty and artistic effect of four-season nature, Nami island is loved as a rest space from which romance is given to the youth, memory is given to sweeties, and warm heart is fully given to the family and employees.

Geoseumdochi Island (36-1 Sinmae-ri, Seo-myeon, Chuncheon city, Gangwon-do)

This island is a summer resort where people can enjoy water reports such as waterskiing, wind surfing, and motor boat in a large lake.

Interesting spots to visit :

Gamjeongri limestone cave
Central Museum of Kangwon National University
Kimyoujeong house of literature (868-1 Jeung-ri, Sindong-myeon, Chuncheon city, Gangwon-do)
Breeding ground of snowy heron ardea cinerea (416-1, Mancheon2-ri, Chuncheon-si, Gangwon-do. S.Korea)
Hallym University Museum
Jungdo Resort
Mt. Gubongsan (Gamjeong-ri, Dong-myeon Chuncheon city, Gangwon)
Chunseong Library
Jade Mine
Bonguisanseong Mountain Fortress
7 storied stone pagoda
Chuncheon city Library
Flagpole Supports of Geunhwa-dong
Life-long Education & Information Library
Mt. Bonghwasan
Chuncheon NationaMuseum
Model Airplane Museum (Busawon upward slope, Joyang 3-ri, Dongsan-myeon, Chuncheon city, Gangwon-do)
Cheojeonri dolmen
Wind Surfing
Graveyard of cheongpung buwongun
Mt. Yonghwasan
Gangwon Korean music art Center (2nd floor of the Gangwon Korean Music Art Center at 86 Samcheon ring road, Chuncheon city, Gangwon-do(Formerly 200 Samcheon-dong)
Hoejeonmun Gate of Cheongpyeongsa Temple
Bridge of Chuncheon
Gangwon Nationauniversity Baekryeong Center
Seosangri 3 storied stone pagoda
Chuncheon Culture Center (107 Okcheon-dong, Chuncheon city, Gangwon-do)
Bier of Cheongpungbuwongun Kim Wu-Myeong
Civil servant stone of Kim Jeong graveyard
Wibongmun Gate
Kim Jeong-Eun Traditional house
Golf Club
Min Seong-Gi Traditional house
Joyangnu Pavilion
Children’s Hall
Chuncheon Hyanggyo
Puppet Theatre
Gangwon Drama Gallery
Chuncheon jukrimdong cathedral
Chuncheon art madang
Lake Soyang. Soyang dam
Hallym university ilsong arts Hall
Chuncheon Soyang Catholic Church
Movie Cinema
Chuncheon Culture Center
Choe Jae-Geun Traditional house (907-2, Jeongjok1 (il)-ri, Chuncheon-si, Gangwon-do. S.Korea)

Mt. Geombongsan (Gangchon-ri, Namsan- myeon, Chuncheon city, Gangwon)
Graveyard of Uiam You In-Seok
Gugok waterfall (Gangchon 1-ri, Namsan-myeon, Chuncheon city,Gangwondo)
Gangchon boy scout camping site
Munbae village
Chuncheon seombae village
Nami island
Ski slope (29-1 Baekyang-ri, Namsan-myeon, Chuncheon city, Gangwon-do)

Heungguksa temple
Deungseon waterfall
Wolsongri three-storied stone pagoda
Mt. Samaksan
Fishing valley
Goseumdochi island
Motor park
Lake Uiam. Uiam dam (Seo-myeon, Chuncheon city, Gangwondo)
Graveyard of Han Baek-rok and its Gate
Gangwondo Youth Training Park
Inline Skating
Graveyard of Sinjangjeolgong
Sinmaeri stone-pile tomb
Gangwon police museum
Gangwondo forest museum park
Cheongpyeongsaji (Cheongpyeong 1-ri, Buksan-myeon, Chuncheon city, Gangwon-do)
Animation museum
Owolri recreation forest (San 46-1 Owol-ri, Seo-myeon, Chuncheon city, Gangwondo)
Chuncheon Art Gallery
Bangdongri Goguryeo ancient tomb
Water skiing
Hyeonam Folk Museum (371-1 Hyeonam-ri, Seo-myeon, Chuncheon city, Gangwon-do )

Gangwondo Provincial Flower Garden (218-5 Sannong-dong, Chuncheon city, Gangwon-do)


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Trip to ChunCheon.wmv Published by ExploringKorea
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