Trick Eye Museum

Trick Eye MuseumMuseum – what was the first word in your mind when you see this word? Is it “Boring”? Is it something associated with learning new things?

To be honest, I always thought museum was a boring place that talks about history, heritage, masterpieces by famous artist that I never know how to appreciate…but Trick Eye Museum has tricked me into the world of an eye-opener.

It is an art gallery with about 100 pieces of two-dimensional paintings that creates three-dimensional effects. Seriously, I was actually quite surprised by the effects of the paintings.

Trick Eye Museum is located in three parts of South Korea – Busan, Jeju and Seoul. There is a total of six different hall sections – History, Masterpieces, Love, Luxury, Living, Traditional and Fashion.

leonardo da vinci statue

Leonardo Da Vinci statue is wondering: “What’s this lady doing, floating and posing in the hallway?”

Dragon in the house

AHHH!!! HELPPP!!! There’s a dragon in my house now…SOMEONE, PLEASE HELP ME!!!


It’s so fun going back to my childhood days

Relaxing at the lakeside

Finally, I can relax on the weekends..this lake is beautiful

The whole tour around the museum takes about 2.5 hours, with the last admission time at 8pm KST.  The museum can at most accommodate around 700 to 800 people each time to allow visitors to be able to take the best pictures.

You must be wondering about the price for the admission tickets…is it expensive? Let me tell you, the price of the admission fee for an adult is 15,000 KRW and 12,000 KRW for children and youth with students ID (aged 18 years and below). For more details, you may check out at Korea Tourism Organization.

Oh, and FINALLY!!!…Trick Eye Museum have ventured out of South Korea now and reached their first destination, Resort World Sentosa in Singapore. Their very first overseas branch has opened its door at the shore of Singapore. Trick Eye Museum, we wish you have a successful venture in Singapore!!! And once again, Congratulations on your very first overseas branch official opening in Singapore!

Trick Eye Museum in Singapore

Trick Eye Museum has officially opened on 8 June in Resort World Sentosa, Singapore.

Now, who says shopping and having meals together must always be the things we do when hanging out with friends or on a date…you can now consider going to Trick Eye Museum with your friends, family or on a date to have fun exploring the 3-D effects from the art pieces 🙂

Trick Eye Museum has really created a good and fun experience for me. For once again, I’m tricked into the wonders of arts…

=Veronica= ^^v

Source Credits: Visit Korea by Korea Tourism Organization, Trick Eye Museum (Images)