U-KISS seems to be gradually growing up since their debut six years ago. This time, their image concept for the latest Mono Scandal album is towards the sexiness of a guy, in comparison to their young boyish look for the previous albums.

So what does the boys think of their hot image for this album? Let’s check it out!


The group said that they were actually feeling quite shy about performing with the female dancers for their title song, Quit Playing, during a showcase performance at V-Hall in Hongik University, Hongdae.

image In addition, Hoon has mentioned that “their sexy concept is very burdensome” as the group was pretty concerned about fans’ reaction on their latest images and music video for the album.

But, thankfully, they can now at least have a peace of mind as majority of their fans do like the whole new look they have for this latest mini album.

In fact, Kevin has said that he was really embarrassed as they don’t really have such provocative dance move with the female dancers before. He further commented that he was so shy that he couldn’t even remember filming the music video at all. image

Guess what, U-KISS leader, Soohyun, had lose 8kg (the most among the members) with the strict diet they have to stick to, in order to achieve those hot bodies we have seen in the music video. image

image And, not to forget it’s the first time that U-KISS new member, Jun, is performing on stage. When asked about his thoughts on his first stage performance, his reply to the media was, he was feeling anxious that he couldn’t sleep the whole night before their comeback showcase performance on 2 June 2014.

Lastly, there’s a piece of good and bad news for KISS ME.

Let’s talk about the bad news first.

According to enewsWorld, U−KISS has become the first male group to be banned from performing at the various music chart programmes due to the provocative dance choreography for “Quit Playing”.

However, the good news will be that, you can look forward to the edited dance choreography of their title song “Quit Playing”. NH Media have received requests and will be making changes to some of their dance moves in order for U−KISS to be able to perform at the various music chart programmes.

KissMe, quit playing for now. If you want to see your U-KISS oppa keeping their sexy promise by walking shirtless on the street, remember to vote for them on the music chart programmes to help them get their number ONE spot.

Source Credits: CJ E&M enewsWorld (inclusive of photo images), Koreaboo, Seoulbeats, Allkpop