Winter Sonata (겨울연가)

Title: Winter Sonata (겨울연가)
Also Known As: Winter Ballad, Winter Love Song, Endless Love 2
Broadcast: KBS
Air Date: Jan 14, 2002 – Mar 19, 2002
Episodes: 20
Cast: Bae Yong-Joon (배용준), Choi Ji-Woo (최지우), Park Yong-Ha (박용하), Park Sol-Mi (박솔미)
Kang Joon-Sang (Bae Yong-Joon), an introverted teen with a famous pianist mother, moves to a new high school in search of his biological father. Although his mother has told him his father is dead, he refuses to believe her. Jung Yoo-Jin (Choi Ji-Woo) and Kim Sang-Hyuk (Park Yong-Ha) are close childhood friends who attend the same high school as Joon-Sang. Sang-Hyuk has a crush on Yoo-Jin but Yoo-Jin only sees him as a friend. Oh Chae-Rin (Park Sol-Mi) is Sang-Hyuk and Yoo-Jin’s attractive friend who all the guys have a crush on. Chae-Rin begins developing feelings for the mysterious Joon-Sang.

When Yoo-Jin, Sang-Hyuk, Chae-Rin, and Joon-Sang go on a trip together, the beginning of a tragic love triangle begins. Joon-Sang saves Yoo-Jin after an accident and the two of them bond over the experience. To Sang-Hyuk and Chae-Rin’s dismay, the two of them begin falling in love with each other. As the drama progresses, Joon-Sang makes the shocking revelation that Yoo-Jin’s father, may be his biological father! He makes a decision to forget about Yoo-Jin and goes off to see her one last time. Unfortunately, he is hit by a car and suffers complete memory loss before he is able to see Yoo-Jin. After the accident, everyone in Joon-Sang’s high school presumes him to be dead. Meanwhile, Joon-Sang’s mother decides to erase Joon-Sang’s previous memories in an attempt to forget about his painful past. His mom even gives him a new identity under the name of Lee Min-Hyung.

The drama fast forwards 10 years later, and Joon-Sang and Yoo-Jin are now adults. Joon-Sang, who is now using the name Min-Hyung, has returned to Korea as an architect for a reputable firm. Chae-Rin meets Min-Hyung and is shocked at how closely her resembles Joon-Sang. Remembering her high school crush on Joon-Sang, she begins dating him. Yoo-Jin, who has still not overcome her memory of Joon-Sang, has finally consented to marry Sang-Hyuk. When Joon-Sang reappears into her life as Min-Hyung, all hell breaks loose. Yoo-Jin and Min-Hyung become attracted to each other once more and Yoo-Jin’s friendship with Chae-Rin and future marriage with Sang-Hyuk are put in jeopardy.